Kachchhi Ghodi dance, also spelled Kachhi Ghodi and Kachhi Gori, is an Indian folk dance that originated in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. It has since been adopted and performed throughout the rest of the country. Dancers wear novelty horse costumes, and participate in mock fights, while a singer narrates folk tales about local bandits. It is commonly performed during wedding ceremonies to welcome and entertain the bridegroom’s party, and during other social settings. Performing the dance is also a profession for some individuals.

When performed as a group dance, people stand on opposite sides with swords in their hands and run back and forth quickly which, when viewed from above, resembles the opening and closing of flowers. The dancers move to the rhythm of flute music and the beats of dhol drums. Singers narrate the mock fights with stories of the exploits ofBhanwariya bandits, the Rajasthani equivalent of Robin Hood.