This low temperature glazed pottery of Jaipur is called Blue Pottery because of predominant blue patterns used on the it.
The pottery is done using Wheel turning for the head/neck and the base and moulding techniques for the body. The dried and sanded surface of the pottery is then white coated and various patterns and motifs are painted in metal oxide pigment. Finally glazing is done during which the color pigment develop into blue, green, red and the milky glaze turns transparent.

Production Clusters: Jaipur district

Products: Surakhis, Jars, Beads, Ear studs, Lamp stands, Mirror frames, Doorknobs, Plates, Tiles, Soap cases, Jugs, Mugs, Paperweights, Incense burners.

Tools: Thapki(beating tool), Patti(metal strip), Chaak(potter's wheel), Silbata( grinding stone), Bhatti(kiln), Sandpaper, Sieves, Moulds, Brushes.