Rajasthan is famous for its tie-resist dyeing process to create design on textiles. The design and the color combination used in this art form varies depending on the caste of the community, marital status or occupation.

In Bandhej (knots) a portion of fabric in muslin or cotton is tied and then dyed.
The fabric is first tied, then dipped in colored water and then folded to its quarter size. Dyeing process is of various stages- starting with the lightest color to darkest.  The fabric is bleached and then motifs are made by tying the fabric in small knots.

Leheriya (waves) is creating a wave design with the tie-resist dyeing process. Colorful diagonal or zigzag line are created to show waves - which represent rain and harvest.


Production clusters: Jaipur, Sikar, Alwar,Ajmer, Sawai Madhopur

:  Odhna (wrap), Chunari(veil), Dupatta(stole), Saafa, Pagadi (turban cloths), Sari, Yardage

Tools: Thread, Dye vats, Pointed metal ring, Stencil, Blocks